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Ana & Simion - London, UK

Ciprian is a very natural, warm and relaxed and especially on a busy day with emotions that helps a lot! We liked that we didn't have to pose in an artificial way, everything went naturally and often I did not even feel it (that's another talent of his not to make you you feel all the time under the magnifying glass!) but then at the sight of the pictures we realized that Ciprian was actually "everywhere".

I love the eye he has for the details, surprising all sorts of small moments that put together so nice story tells our wedding. We feel very grateful and fortunate to have some so beautiful and special memories!

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The Experience


Mihaela & Guillaume, Annecy, France

We are living in France and we choose Ciprian because I love his photojournalist style and attention to details. When I look at Ciprian's photos I have the impression that I was a guest to my wedding and I can feel the people joy. For us, Ciprian was more than a photographer, he was a friend who offered us not only memories for a life time but also the calm that we need in that special day. He is discreet but always present and he succeeded to get on camera our true emotions, without any intervention and additional stress.

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