Today I invite you to discover my unique experience as a wedding photographer in Munich, together with my dear friend Dana at two beautiful people, Liz and Reza. This wedding is a perfect illustration of today world. A global world where is one country, Planet Earth. Liz and Reza wedding put together people from all over the world, from India to South America. It’s the perfect illustration that love can bring all of us together. It’s a declaration that we can live in a world where religion and nationalities doesn’t matter. Where everybody is having fun and the love is all around.

This wedding is a declaration for universal love. I can say that I was lucky to be the wedding photographer at such a beautiful event in the heart of Europe. And after that for sure I can say that I’m in love with people and the city of Munich. It was a perfect opportunity for me to travel and discover beautiful places and people as a wedding photographer in Munich.

But it was a long introduction for you. I think it’s time to tell you something about the wedding. Am I right? And because Liz and Reza love to party the wedding started Friday. With a little barbecue party and beer. Because we are in Germany, no? It was an evening where Reza show as his cooking skills! The kids enjoyed a delicious ice cream made by their neighbor. So everybody started with a little training before wedding day.

Let's start the fire - barbeque before wedding day
Fun barbecue before wedding day
Groom prepairing barbecue before wedding day
Sauce barbecue before wedding day
Kids at barbecue before wedding day
Boys at barbecue before wedding day
Ice truck at barbecue before wedding day
Ice truck line
Yellow ice truck
Delicious icecream
In the country side barbecue before wedding day
Barbecue fire before wedding day
Bride preparation for Munich wedding
Munich wedding photographer - bride preparationa
Munich wedding photographer - bride and her dress
Munich wedding photographer - bride and father at the church
Impressive church near Munchen
Little boys at Munich wedding
Little boys at Munich wedding with wedding rings
Joy at wedding
Kids waiting at wedding
Bride and groom getting out of the church
True emotions - Munich wedding photographer
Let's cool my feet
Kids having fun
Groom and little girl
Hide and seek
Beautiful bride - Munich wedding photographer
Fun moments - Munich wedding photographer
Wedding Photo session - Munich wedding photographer
Bride and her bouquet
True love - Munich wedding photographer
Kiss me - Munich wedding photographer
Let the wedding begin
Wedding at a castle near Munich
First dance - Munich wedding photographer
Bride is having fun at wedding
Maximum fun - Munich wedding photographer
Wedding party dance in Munich
South american dance in Munich wedding  - Munich wedding photographer
Traditional dance at wedding
Classical music at Munich wedding
Everybody is having fun at the wedding
Dance and drink
Kids at the wedding
Groom is flying - Munich wedding photographer
Wedding colors - Munich wedding photographer



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