Under a cloudy weather and some rain drops I started my trip to Tel-Aviv for a wonderful destination wedding. This is how it starts the story of a dream destination wedding. But it’s better to have Claudia to tell us the whole story:

“It’s a story (another story) love. And not only that. It’s a story about patience, about loyalty, about forgiveness and compromise on things that divide and things that hold you side by side. It’s our story!

We met in a club where Erez it was for a birthday of a friend and I had come out with my friends. Our eyes met, I smiled, danced and … after two weeks we have met for the first meeting.

Erez was in the second year as a student at medicine and I do not see it as a possible relationship … but he stayed, he dismantled, demolished walls and concepts, boundaries and rules … He showed me that in good and bad times and “in sickness and in health,” he’s there … and one day, I just knew! I knew it was him!

There are three years of  US and rest to all!”




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